Raw Paper Reel Slitter

Raw Paper Reel Slitter

JHD devoted ourselves to mechanical industry for many years,our company owns world class equipment and advanced quality management system. JHD has independently developed and produced Raw Paper Reel Slitter and exported our products to more than 30 countries,we are expecting become your long term parter in china, the following is about the Raw Paper Reel Slitter, hope to help you better understand it.

Product Detail

Raw Paper Reel Slitter

1. Product Introduction of the Raw Paper Reel Slitter

Raw Paper Reel Slitter is the equipment that cuts a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, mica tape and other thin materials into different width of small volumes before and after printing, which is commonly used in paper manufacturing machinery, print and packaging machinery.

2. Product Parameter of Raw Paper Reel Slitter (Specification)


Max-slitting width


Min-slitting width


Max-unwind diameter


Min-rewind diameter


Speed of slitting


Slitting capability


Winding way

Air expansion winding

Number of cutters


Paper loading method

by hydraulic clamping

Speed Regulation control


Main engine speed



Unwinder size: L*W*H


Rewinder size: L*W*H


Up-blade specification


Down-blade specification


Total weight


Feeding Rectifying Shelf for Raw Paper Slitter for Straw:

Slitting for Raw Paper Slitter for Straw:

Rewinding for Raw Paper Slitter for Straw:

3. Product Typical Feature of Raw Paper Reel Slitter

 Raw Paper Reel Slitter: Cutting with double cutter, the cut is smooth and tidy;

 Raw Paper Reel Slitter: Air expanding shaft, clamp more tighten, no slippage;

 Raw Paper Reel Slitter: Tension controllable and output torque balancing by magnetic powder brake actuator;

 Raw Paper Reel Slitter: High speed waste material blowing fan;

 Raw Paper Reel Slitter: Fast closing to knife device, locking upper knife shaft;

4. Why choose JHD?

 JHD PACKAGING INDUSTRIES (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD is an innovative manufacturer of paper straw solutions based in Jiangsu Province, China. With a total investment of 8 million USD in a 5000 square meter factory and quickly became a major exporter of qualified and reliable paper straws manufacturing equipment.

 Firstly ,JHD is not only have the advanced production equipment,but also have professional technical personal and a large group of skilled worker, so we will strictly control the product quality .

 The second point is about our service:technical support, on-site service, spare part, and specialized diagnostic tools are available for customer’s production systems. we can also provide value-added service:according to customer’s requirement, including: consulting and expertise sharing, trouble shooting, on-site supporting & training.

 We are the experts in this industry, we have the strength to become your partner in China.

5. FAQ:





How many days you need to manufacturer the equipment?

The lead time of production line is around 2 month.


How long you need take to finish installation and commissioning job?

We will do some installation and commssioning work in our factory, when machine shipped to customer's factory, we need 7 days more to finish it.


How to send engineers to help us to do installation and commissioning job during the pandemic period?

We already build a full system including vedio and documents which can help you to do installation and commissioning online without sending engineers to your countries which is a heavy cost for both of us. We already helped many of our customers to do commissioning work online successfully.


You have sales target finished amount requirement to the distributor?

Yes, we have sales target for our distributor. But it is not a fixed number. We hope anyone can contact us to discuss a distributor agent if we don't have one in your country/area.


Can I delivery the goods from other supplier to your factory? Then load together?

Sure, you can ask your customer send their product to our factory, and we load together without problems.


Can the equipment be installed under hot weather?

Yes, the equipment can be running no problem, but it will impact the raw material, so we hope you can discuss with our engineer to give advise about how to choose raw material


Can Your products be installed under the cold weather?

Yes, the equipment can be running no problem, but it will impact the raw material, so we hope you can discuss with our engineer to give advise about how to choose raw material


Do You have office in shanghai or guangzhou that i can visit?

Yes, our office is located in Shanghai.


Can you send your staff to install the equipment for us?

Yes, but it is a heavy cost especially in pandemic period, I think our online installation system will help you without sending our engineer.


How I can storage spare parts for this lines?

Yep, we do suggest you can buy one year spare parts to build safety stock in your factory, and then you will have enough time to supplement your safety stock.


Will you attend the fair to show your products?

Yes, we will attend the fair in Shanghai or Guangzhou every year.


Can you can design the equipment according to our factory size?

Yes, sure, pls provide your factory layout, we can design the production line according to your factory size.


How many staffs do you have in your factory?

70 staffs around.


How can I be your agent in my country?

Please email us about your information, we will check if we have agent, and if we want an agent in your country, anyway, email us first.


Do you have detailed and professional installation manual?

Yes, we can send you together with delivery machines.


Do you provide sample? Free or charge?

Can provide samples with free.

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