Paper Straw Production Line

In the current international environment, the problem of white pollution is becoming more and more serious, the paper straw has its own characteristics, which can be completely degraded under natural conditions and it can be recycled and reused at the same time.
With the introduction of national "plastic restriction",plastic products are widely restricted,
the catering giants are trying to use paper straws instead of plastic straws, manufacturers of paper straw production line helped implement this new regulation.

Paper Straw Production Line are widely used in in food and beverage industry, Our Paper Straw Production Line electrical parts and main components of the equipment are all high-end brands from Europe and Japan, excellent equipment quality and stable operation, the mechanical structure design of the equipment is reasonable, and the main body is use the steel frame, the high-resolution encoder checks the paper feed speed and paper length, and has the advantages of good synchronization performance and high synchronization accuracy.

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