Product Features of the Paper Straw Bending Machine

- 2022-02-21-

 This allows the production of corrugated straws with the same diameter and thickness. This device can change material on the fly with the use of simple settings. It is very convenient to use and can also be used to produce various kinds of plastic cups. This product can help the producers eliminate plastic straws from their products in the near future.

Product features of the Paper Straw Bending Machine from China

paper straw bending machine is a fully automatic equipment that can transform straight straws into organ-like bends. It is designed to automatically detect the onset of a drop at a specific time and automatically stop it if there is a fault in the process. A good manipulator is used to clamp the straight straws and feed them to the rotary disk. Two pressure wheels are placed on the rotary disk. After that, an indentation is created between the two manipulators. The final product is conveyed out automatically.

The control system of the paper straw bending machine from China ensures high automation and flexibility. Its touch screen interface allows the user to choose the length of the straws and the thickness of the packaging. It has an auto shutdown feature if a fault occurs during the production process. In addition, the machine has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier to set up and operate.

The JY021 Automatic Paper Straw Bending Machine is an automatic, flexible machine designed to automatically bend straight paper drinking straws. It is fully automated from the input to the finished output. This machine requires manual loading of the straws. It counts them during the production process and has an alarm system when a pre-set value is reached. It is also easy to use and is ideal for beginners.

This fully automated machine processes straight straws into organ-like bends. The Paper Straw Bending Machine from China requires manual input of straight paper straws and suction straws. It has an excellent manipulator that clamps and feeds the straight materials. The main rotary disk rotates through two pressure wheels and an indentation is formed. The finished product is conveyed out automatically.

The Paper Straw Bending Machine from China is a corollary machine used to bend straight paper straws into corrugated and flexible shapes. The most common bevel angle is 45 degrees, but it can be adjusted to fit a variety of different straws. Its high efficiency allows it to cut up to 200-200 pieces of straws per minute. It is the most effective of its kind.

The Paper Straw Bending Machine from China is an automatic device that produces corrugated and flexible straws. The process is automated from input to output and is fully automated. Initially, the straws must be manually fed into the machine. After being inserted, the straight straws are clamped and feeded through an excellent manipulator. Once the straight straws have passed through the manipulator, they are automatically conveyed out.

The JT-PSB200 paper straw bending machine can produce flexible and curved straws. Straight straws are fed into the top position loading hopper by a conveyor. Then, the straight straws are caught by two mechanical clamps. We Jota has recently supplied 4 U-shaped paper straw production lines. The machines are also suitable for other types of plastic packaging. The customer can buy a single machine or purchase a complete line of a paper straw bending machine.

This machine can produce different sizes of paper straws. It is eco-friendly and disposable. The PLC control system has frequency conversion speed regulation and touch screen interface. This machine combines raw material feeding, gluing and winding and cutting part with a multi-tool cutting system. The PLC-controlled machine is an efficient and reliable tool for bending paper straws. If you want to make your own drinking straws, you can use this paper drinking straw machine.