What are the operating steps of the paper straw machine?

- 2022-02-17-

The expert in paper straw making machine - JHD PACKAGING INDUSTRIES (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Today tell you how to use the paper straw machine.
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Paper straw machines can run at speeds of up to 300 meters per minute, so we all have to check the equipment carefully to see if there are any damaged parts before applying the machinery. So everyone knows that we use the paper straw machine, do you understand how the paper straw machine works?

1. For the mechanical application of paper straws, when the switch is turned on, first check whether the electrostatic induction elimination method has been turned on, so as to prevent common equipment failures in actual operation and prevent excessive damage.

2. Turn on the air pressure power switch of the paper straw machine and adjust it to between 0.5 and 0.6.

3. After putting the main roll of the paper clip machine into the roll section, to adjust the device, please slightly raise or lower the key according to the diameter of the "lithium", adjust the frame to the appropriate aspect ratio, and then transplant the roll film, At a certain speed or fast rotation, the aspect ratio adjustment button is pressed, and then lightly pressed again for safety.

4. To perform the paper clip machine and blade installation, first check the blade blade, then see if it is damaged, adjust the blade placement part.

What are the operating steps of the paper straw machine? Sheet 1 What are the operating steps for the paper straw machine? Electrical and electronic knowledge

5. The paper straw adjusts the paper core so that it can be placed in a suitable part of the paper shape. Only then will the strips of paper that can be laser cut will be uniform.