Paper straws will gradually replace plastic straws and become the mainstream in the future

- 2021-12-14-

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Since this year, more and more catering-related brand companies have introduced paper straws instead of plastic straws in response to the implementation of the national plastic restriction order. Hot searches for paper straws have also been on the list frequently, which has generated huge discussions. And attention.
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Some consumers do not pay for the implementation of this measure. The specific reasons include many reasons, such as affecting the true taste of the drink, deforming and softening after a long period of liquid soaking, residual paper scraps, etc., and also because of the material of the paper, if the lipstick Such marks are more difficult to remove if left on it.
We can see that although paper straws are more environmentally friendly than plastic straws, they have not achieved the actual effect of straws. So, will the environmentally friendly plastic straws really be replaced by the full launch of paper straws?
1. What are the hazards of plastic straws?
Plastic is a kind of high-molecular polymer, which is a compound assembled from monomers as raw materials through some polycondensation reactions.
The main component of plastic is resin. Because of the non-polarity of plastic, it cannot be dissolved in water, acid, alkali, etc., and its molecular structure is very stable, and it cannot be affected by external environment such as temperature, so this is the main reason why it cannot be degraded. Simply put, it is like a solidly constructed wall, which is difficult to collapse.
It has effects and harms on agriculture, biology, human body and other aspects. Take agriculture as an example. Due to the long-term accumulation of plastics, the land cannot decompose plastics. Its existence will destroy the ecological chain of the land, thus affecting the land. The crops that grow out even cannot grow, resulting in a continuous decrease in crop yields and affecting our ecological environment.
2. Why is the use of paper straws advocated?
First of all, the biggest advantage of paper straws is that the big problem that plastic straws has not solved is degradation. Because the main component of paper straws is virgin paper, which can be recycled, the degradation time is generally about 3-4 months.
Therefore, not only straws, but paper substitutes can also be seen in other industries. This is all to play an environmentally friendly role. In fact, it does a certain promotion. And there are no harmful chemical components, which is much safer.