What are the performance characteristics of paper straw packing machine?

- 2021-09-30-

1、The main frame is made of thick and heavy steel plate after CNC cutting and welding. The frame is stable and not easy to be deformed, with low operating vibration and low noise. 
2、The paper rack adopts an integral high-speed paper feeder, and the paper tape is controlled by a constant tension.
3、The glue supply rack adopts constant temperature control of glue and the automatic control of glue amount.
4、Simple, all the motors are deployed inside the machine to facilitate external sanitary cleaning.
5、Safety, the Paper Straw Machine is designed according to the best ergonomic operation, and the transmission part is protected. 1.2mm thick stainless-steel armor for the whole machine.
6、Paper Straw Machine is stable and designed with the simplest transmission principle and maintenance-free concept to minimize the frequency of users' use and maintenance.
7、High speed, designed with a paper feed speed of 100 meters per minute, and the maximum pipe output speed can reach 75 meters per minute.
8、Networking, the product is a collection of industrial 485 bus, industrial Ethernet bus, wireless Wife, 4G, and distributed control system.
9、Intelligent , centralized monitoring, the monitoring center monitors the operating conditions of all equipment in the workshop in real time. Production data can be imported into the user's ERP system to facilitate production data collection.
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