Factors of High Efficiency of Paper Straw Machine

- 2021-09-14-

Factors of high efficiency of paper straw machine
1. The paper straw machine adopts three-active stepless speed regulation driving rollers during the design and production, to ensure that the belt is not slipping during the operation of the equipment, thereby ensuring the working efficiency of the equipment.
2. In the process of product production, the length of the cutting tube will be automatically adjusted to ensure stability and safety during the operation, and the produced paper tube is neat and tidy in the cut, which is in the production of high-quality products. Very efficient.
3. The paper straw machine has a relatively strong winding force, that is, the efficiency in power transmission is very high. It can ensure that the paper straws produced are relatively high in strength and have a very good appearance in the process of efficient production. smooth.
4. The equipment has a self-locking function, that is, after adjusting the angle of the swing arm before the paper straw is produced, the swing arm will be automatically locked during the production process to ensure that the swing arm is in the production process In order to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment, there will be no shaking.
5. The gripper parts inside the paper straws are made of stainless steel. In the production of paper straws, it is very tight during the production of various specifications of pipe diameter products.
6. After the equipment is equipped with an automatic clamping system, the arrangement of the cutting blades is also very close to the clamping system, which can completely avoid the occurrence of tube vibration in the use of the equipment, and ensure the efficient production of paper straws. During the process, the products produced will not be deformed at all.
7. The overall internal structure of the paper straw machine is very compact. As long as simple settings are made before use, the equipment can be quickly cut to ensure high efficiency and safety in product production. At the same time, the paper straws produced can be cut. It is perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, and no burrs occur.
8. The paper straw machine uses a detachable bearing seat, that is, the entire bearing seat is connected to the frame, and the connecting rod is matched, and then a spring is set between the frame and the connecting rod. In this way, the equipment can be used to operate the connecting rod, and the bearing can be flipped accordingly. That is to say, we can disassemble the production products on the reel through repeated operations of loosening and connecting the connecting rod, so as to achieve the purpose of efficiently producing paper straws. Not only is it flexible and convenient to use, it reduces the work intensity of the operator, but also improves the efficiency of the equipment in product production.
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