The Safe Use of Paper Straw Machine

- 2021-09-07-

This article introduces the safety of the Paper Straw Machine
1. Before the application of the paper tube machine machinery and equipment, check the conditions of all parts in detail, whether the electrical equipment and power switch are good, whether the wiring of the household appliance is insulated, whether the screws and screw caps are tightened, whether the safety device is safe, and Fill each oiling point with grease, open the air switch and run for 1-2 minutes, and then the actual operation of the machine and equipment can be performed after everything is normal.
2. The machinery and equipment must be borne by full-time personnel, and others are forbidden to embezzle it at will. It is forbidden to place workers, cards, measuring instruments and other dirt in various positions of the CNC lathe at work. Workers are not allowed to leave their posts without permission during actual operation.
3. When cutting low, such as using a natural ventilation CNC lathe to cut paper, the aspect ratio of the cut paper should not exceed 125mm, and in accordance with the specifications, use a precise positioning iron to secure it. The CNC lathe only cuts paper and cannot cut other boards. The two should cooperate with each other in actual operation. When working, it is forbidden to put your hands under the pressure iron and the cutter head to avoid cutting injuries. It is forbidden to reach into the rotating mandrel to avoid squeezing injuries when using a special paper cutter.

Paper Straw Machine