Maintenance of Raw Paper Reel Slitter

- 2021-09-07-

Maintenance of Raw Paper Reel Slitter
The slitting machine is a kind of machine that unwinds wide webs and cuts them in a single layer. When we use the slitting machine, we generally use the blade and the parent roll to face each other. It is the slitting machine that rotates to complete the cutting of the material.
1. Clean and inspect parts of electrical appliances regularly to remove hidden dangers in time.
2. The use of the slitting machine is completed by the slitting machine and the cross-cutting machine. Therefore, high-quality slitting knives and cross-cutting knives must be used.
3. To stop regular and irregular inspections of the rotating parts.
4. The daily maintenance of the slitting machine must be in place. The criteria are smooth, clean, and clear to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment are in good condition.

Raw Paper Reel Slitter