Details of the Operation of the Raw Paper Roll Slitter

- 2021-09-07-

Details of the Operation of the Paper Straw Making Machine
1. After the equipment is energized, the electric control door can not be opened at will, and the electrical components should not be touched with hands, mainly to prevent electric shock and injury;
2. The staff should not wear long hair, and they need to wear gloves when operating the equipment, the sleeves of the clothes need to be tightened, and the equipment should not be touched with their hands when the equipment is running.
3. The tool needs to be locked, and it should not be touched by hand during operation.
4. It needs to be operated in accordance with the work process, and it needs to be qualified for the job. When the equipment is running, you can not lean on any part of the equipment with your body.
5. The equipment is not allowed to open the door of the control box at will, and no part of the body is allowed to touch the transmission part.
6. When loading the material, attention should be paid to the force coordination and the fixed position of the discharge to prevent the material from falling off and causing foot injuries.
7. Do not place your hands on the mechanism to prevent your hands from being caught.

Paper Straw Making Machine