The Main Factors that Determine the Capacity of the Raw Paper Slitter

- 2021-09-07-

The main factors that determine the capacity of the Raw Paper Slitter
When the slitter is running, so as not to get your hands involved, and not to touch the blades, to avoid cuts. When the blades are stained with foreign objects or waste materials, they need to be shut down for cleaning.
1. Unwinding tension control: During the rewinding of a set of paper rolls, try to avoid changing the rewinding tension to ensure that the slitting rewinder is evenly tight inside and outside. Secondly, during the rewinding process, if the tension control of the paper web is too small, it will cause wrinkles, interweaving of paper pages and other paper defects. If the tension control is too large, it will cause the roll to burst or damage the paper core.
2. The linear pressure of the platen roller, the pressure of the platen roller to the paper roll during the rewinding process. In the initial stage of rewinding, the platen roller provides additional load on the paper roll, and acts together with the front and rear bottom rollers to feed the paper. The roll provides a rewinding force.
3. The speed difference between the front and rear support rollers. The speed difference of the supporting rollers forms the rewinding force. The rewinding force determines the tightness of the paper roll. Increasing the rewinding force of the slitter rewinder can increase the tightness of the paper roll from these aspects.

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