Steps to Prevent Wrong Operation of Raw Paper Slitter

- 2021-09-07-

Steps to prevent wrong operation of Raw Paper Slitter
1. First drive the shaft pulling trolley to the middle of the gantry crane to facilitate the lifting of the gantry crane.
2. The main operator raises the upper and lower supporting hooks, opens the winding cone, then lowers the supporting hooks, and uses the feeding device to send the winding shaft out of the machine.
3. Use the foam pad to block the two ends of the material roll firmly, the assistant operator drives the trolley and the assistant to lift the material roll that is taken up and down to the shaft pulling trolley and put it away.
4. After the coiling material is down, the assistant assists the assistant operator to hoist the upper and lower coiling shafts with the tube cores to the feeding device for clamping, threading and continuing to start the machine.
5. Drive the shaft pulling trolley to the clamping position, clamp and pull the shaft.
6. After the material roll is put through the pipe, the assistant operator and the assistant will enter the frame together, and then take out the foam pads at both ends.
7. The assistant operator installs the tube core, and the assistant performs on-site sanitation.

Raw Paper Slitter