The Way the Paper Straw Machine works

- 2021-09-06-

The way the paper straw machine works
1. When the actual operator is preparing to actually operate the paper straw machine, he should wear the necessary protective equipment in order at the earliest. It is necessary to put away the hair in the safety helmet during the operation, otherwise some of the hair is too long. When the actual operator actually operates the paper straw machine, it will happen that the hair is too long to be twisted into the paper straw machine, and the adverse effects are very risky. Perhaps in addition to wearing regular safety protection operations, some equipment is prevented from being worn during the period of using the paper straw machine. All actual operators are not allowed to wear rubber gloves during the period of actual operation of the paper straw machine. During the actual operation of the paper straw machine, hands with rubber gloves were twisted into the rolling part of the paper straw machine, causing physical damage.
2. After the actual operator wears a regular dress, first check the safety level of the paper straw machine, run the empty car first, check whether the paper straw machine can all operate normally, and then check the items that need to be tightened on the paper straw machine. Is the existing equipment strong, not falling, including the necessary CNC blades and the parts that need to be produced and processed, and all normal operations are recognized before they can be opened. If there is a disease problem, it cannot be opened. So that the output power of the paper pipette machine compulsory advice during the operation, such extremeization is very easy to develop a safety accident, and the adverse effects are unimaginable.
3. Each paper straw machine often has a mechanical equipment safety device. When the actual operating personnel approve the recommended paper straw machine, they must recognize that the safety equipment of the mechanical equipment is all normal and can be used normally before the recommended paper is approved. The straw machine prevents the actual operation of the operator to facilitate the actual operation to disassemble the safety equipment of the mechanical equipment, or the mechanical equipment safety device is not recommended during the actual operation of the paper straw machine.
4. After the actual operating personnel recommend the straw machine, the paper straw machine funds are invested in the operation, the actual operating personnel must observe the operation of the paper straw machine, and should not leave their posts early to avoid paper When the pipette machine became ill, the actual operator did not turn on the manual service immediately. Perhaps in the paper pipette machine operation process, when the problem occurred, the actual operator could not immediately open the dispatcher by hand, or go to the paper pipette machine. There are a series of practical operations such as adding grease and picking up dirt, but the paper pipette machine should be closed first to dispatch the paper pipette machine.
5. Until all the operations of the straw machine are completely finished, the actual operator must turn the straw machine into the closed type, and then remove all the processed objects and CNC blades from the paper straw machine, and remove the CNC blades and other components. The parts are placed in the cabinet and placed neatly. In the picking operation of the paper straw machine, the mountain stone straw machine is adjacent to the cleaning of the natural environment

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