Advantages of Raw Paper Slitter

- 2021-09-16-

Advantages of Raw Paper Slitter 
1. Trimming: A variety of materials are combined to form a process edge material, and a product that meets the process requirements is obtained by removing the process edge material reserved in the process. This type of slitting is mostly used in the processing of composite membranes and other materials.
2. Sub-rolling: Divide the large-diameter material into multiple rolls and small-diameter materials according to the requirements of the winding length and the width of the winding. This kind of slitting method is mostly used in the film substrate and flexible packaging color printing industry.
3. Cut rolls: Cut the entire roll of wide rolls into multiple rolls of narrow gauge rolls through a high-speed circular knife. This kind of slitting method is mostly used in the adhesive products industry.
4. The slitting machine blade is one of the important parts of the slitting machine equipment. The improper selection of the slitting machine blade can easily cause the service life of the slitting blade to be shortened, and the slitting index requirements are not met. The slitting material produces burrs and produces a large amount of Divide and cut flour and other scraps.