Ways to Extend the Service Life of the Paper Straw Maker

- 2021-09-06-

Ways to extend the service life of the Paper Straw Maker
The Paper Straw Maker is a widely used paper tube machinery and equipment. In the process of long-term use, it is inevitable that there will be some wear and tear. It is a very simple thing to extend the service life of the paper straw machine. In addition to the daily operation of the equipment in accordance with the standards and requirements, the equipment can also be cleaned and maintained to improve the service life of the equipment.
1. Use check
Before operating the paper pipette machine, you must first perform a detailed inspection of the various parts of the equipment, including whether the switch is in good condition, whether the circuit is insulated, whether the fasteners such as screws and screws are in a fastened state, and whether there are protective devices. Correct installation and use requires consideration and inspection. Only when all confirmed to be normal can the equipment be followed up.
2. Use it correctly
The Paper Straw Maker must be handled by a dedicated operator, that is, a paper straw machine is generally only operated by fixed employees and cannot be moved at will. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to move A very dangerous situation can occur if your hand reaches inside the device. In addition, if there are some failures during the operation of the equipment, the equipment needs to be stopped in time, and it is strictly forbidden to let the equipment run with failures.
3. Cleaning operation
After each operation of the Paper Straw Maker , the operator needs to clean up the impurities inside the equipment and the surrounding environment. Of course, this is far from enough. In addition to these, every time you reuse a paper straw machine, you need to unpack the equipment and check the residual iron filings and some rust inhibitors inside, as well as the accumulation during storage. The dust is cleaned up, and the next operation can only be carried out after all the cleaning is completed.
4. Lubrication operation
After the operator finishes the operation of the Paper Straw Maker and cleans the inside, the equipment can be lubricated, and the inside of the equipment can be smoothed by adding oil. Of course, there are certain standards for the use of lubricating oil. After passing the test, the lubricant that meets the requirements can be added to the equipment. After filtering the lubricating oil, add it to the position of the oil mark, so as to ensure that the subsequent paper pipette machine equipment is very smooth in use.
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