Features of Paper Straw Machine

- 2021-09-06-

Features of Paper Straw Machine
1. Remote PLC operation on the computer. The overall planning of the Paper Straw Machine in product development is to select computer software, communication skills, electronic information skills and active operation skills. This kind of paper tube mechanical equipment with remote PLC operation functions is changed. It is simple and fast, has a wider range of use and is more credible.
2. The key function of active pipe cutting, active pipe drop, paper out, and paper break
3. Active transmission when cutting, paper-plastic straw industrial equipment is not completely consistent with the paper tube output rate during all normal production processes, so cutting the active transmission function seems very important.
4. The digital technology remote control and a little more control panel, and various practical operation methods make the Paper Straw Machine faster and more personalized.
5. Active gluing. When the old Paper Straw Machine produces paper tubes, it is assumed that the lack of clamping force is generally added by manual service. Manual service gluing is not only slow, high efficiency and low, but also certain for all normal paper tube production. The active gluing function of the Paper Straw Machine can solve the left and right problems very well.
6. The circular knife is used for cutting. The Paper Straw Machine produced by the tall machinery and equipment uses a circular cutting saw blade. The circular cutting knife is used to make the paper tube product cut by the Paper Straw Machine more evenly disconnected.

Paper Straw Machine