Problems that Need Attention in the Production Process of the Paper Straw Making Machine

- 2021-09-04-

Paper straw machines have been widely used in all walks of life. However, there are many precautions before and during use of the Paper Straw Making Machine.
1. Cleaning: Before the mechanical operation of the paper straws, we need to open the packaging inside the equipment and remove some anti-rust agents, dust accumulated during storage and some residual impurities after processing. Ensure that the interior is kept clean and tidy so that subsequent operations can maintain corresponding stability.
2. Lubrication: First of all, it must be clear that the lubrication operation must be carried out after the cleaning operation, and the lubrication operation can only be carried out when the inside of the paper straw machine is in a clean state. And the oil used for lubrication must be tested and only used when it meets the requirements. After filtering the lubricating oil, add it to the oil mark position inside the equipment.
3. Inspection: Before using any paper straw machine, all internal parts of the machine need to be inspected in all directions. If some parts are damaged or cracked, they need to be replaced in time to ensure the stability of the machine in subsequent operations.
4. When using a paper straw slitting machine to cut items, you must always adjust the inner knives and keep them in a stable state. After the objects are clamped, normal paper tube production can be carried out.
5. During the production of paper straws, remember not to touch any part of the body with the rotating parts of the machine.
6. In the process of producing paper straws, the operating speed of the machine can be appropriately reduced, which can effectively reduce the abrasion of the equipment during the operation, and to a large extent avoid some mechanical losses.
7. If the paper straw machine equipment fails during the production process, the equipment needs to be stopped immediately. Remember not to keep the equipment running, this can easily cause damage to the equipment. Do not even maintain the device when it is powered on. This may not only be dangerous to the human body due to the internal transmission components of the device, but also may cause electric shock. Therefore, it is necessary to stop the equipment first, turn off the power supply, and look for professional who have a certain understanding of the equipment for maintenance to ensure the safety of maintenance.

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