Precautions for the Use of Raw Paper Roll Slitter

- 2021-09-04-

Precautions for the use of Raw Paper Roll Slitter
1. The power supply of the slitting machine uses a three-phase four-wire system and is safely grounded to ensure the safety of the operator
2. The host speed should be adjusted to the lowest speed before starting up
3. Regular maintenance should be made to the place where the machine needs to be refueled
4. The main shaft and the round knife use a stepless speed change system, which can be controlled by high and low speed adjustment and forward and reverse switching.
5. Equipped with a double-sided sharpening system, using diamond grinding, the life of the grinding wheel can be up to two years, and the blade does not need to be disassembled.
6. Imported ball slide rail, parallel advancement and stable cutting. Imported adjustment system is adopted to adjust and control the cutting speed, translation and not easy to wear, to achieve high-quality cutting.
7. Imported ball slide rails are used to advance the cutting width in parallel. With imported precision ball screws and slide rails, the cutting width and 0.1 mm are controlled to achieve high-precision cutting.
Raw Paper Roll Slitter