The intelligent embodiment of JHD paper straw machine:

- 2021-09-01-

1、With self-locking function, when operating the machine, after adjusting the machine's swing arm viewpoint, it can be actively locked without shaking.
2、Our machine’s winding force has also increased, so the power of the transmission power is higher,the processed paper straws have a high degree of lightness, and the surface smoothness is also very good.
3、The paper straw machine also has the function of active follow-up cutting. At the same time, it can also ensure that the cutting is neat and free of warping. The length of the cut can also be adjusted according to the actual situation. In addition, it is very convenient to operate. Under normal conditions, one or two persons can be organized to operate the equipment.
4、When operating the paper straw machine, the user can also wind a certain amount of wide paper tape into a parallel spiral paper tube with the required inner diameter and wall thickness in accordance with the pre-set processing requirements.
5、It uses three-active stepless speed regulation drive rollers, so that there is no need to worry about belt slippage during operation.