What kind of preparations do we need to do before the paper straw machine is put into operation?

- 2021-08-27-

1.prepare the raw paper bags. cut the raw paper into the paper tapes of the width that we need,how to confirm the relationship between width of the paper tapes and the diameter of the paper tube?the calculation method of the angle and width of the roll paper tape, but here please noted that the width of the first paper need the same as the width of the belt or 1.2mm:
Apply Lubricating oil in the bottom layer paper, the layer bottom paper is use as the part of the fixed core rod rotates towards the cutting head, because the Fixed mandrel of the paper straw machine equipment is not moving, but the paper tape should rotate on the surface of fixed the mandrel, in order to reduce friction, we should apply lubricating oil in the bottom layer paper. But please note do not apply too much lubricating oil,this will relate to paper tape is skid, in order to ensure the high quality of the paper straw produced by our paper straw machine, we must pay attention that the speed  of the paper tape entering is consistent with the driving belt and the angle of the paper tape entering must be correct;  
Adhesive preparation:In the production process of the paper tube, the second layer and all subsequent layers must use the adhesive (dry chemical paste):

4.Wiring preparation: After connect the paper tube machinery and equipment to the three-phase power, we should let the paper tube machinery perform a no-load running test (observe whether the direction of the motor is selected correctly), and then connect the excitation current to the clutch, when the output shaft and the motor rotate in the same direction, please adjust the potentiometer on the adjustment controller, then the head of the paper straw machine can start to operate normally;
Air pipeline preparation: If we use compressed air to cut the paper straw, we need to connect the air pipeline of the rated air pressure.
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