What are the applications of the new beverage paper straws?

- 2021-08-05-

Nowadays, in the promotion and use of beverage paper straws, plastic straws can be completely replaced. Due to the structural structure of plastic straws, it not only affects people's health, but also pollutes the entire environment is very important. In recent years, there have been many In large-scale catering facilities, the use of paper materials is gradually being promoted. In many processing and production fields, choosing new equipment and pulp materials to process paper straws can improve the toughness of beverage paper straws. At the same time, it effectively replaces the use of plastic straws.

It is currently used as a beverage paper straw product and used in the food and beverage industry. Therefore, it can be completely replaced. The scope of use of the original plastic straw is compatible with professional paper tube manufacturers according to the requirements of different users. The manufacturer can design according to the actual requirements of people. And production, therefore, not only the length and diameter of the straw, but also the color and pattern, all of which can be perfectly designed and processed.

Therefore, it meets the requirements of actual use. Nowadays, the use of paper straws for beverages has become an inevitable trend. Therefore, by selecting and using paper straws in the catering and food fields, the problems in practical applications can be effectively solved, and the actual production and application costs can not only be saved. , Can also meet environmental protection requirements.