Paper straws will replace plastic straws.

- 2021-07-27-

Most restaurants have dismantled and replaced the straws. The reporter found that there is a mouth on the lid of the McDonald's drink. You can eat it immediately by opening the lid of the small cup, eliminating the need for the plastic straws in the past.

Seen in Starbucks Coffee, the straws and the packaging materials of their health drinks are all paper packaging products, and for the winter hot drinks of freshly ground coffee, Starbucks Coffee also uses a design scheme that does not require a straw on the cup lid. The packaging materials of Starbucks coffee straws and health drinks are all paper packaging products

In the Chabaidao store, the reporter bought a healthy drink and asked the salesperson for plastic straws on the grounds of poor experience. The salesperson stated that all the straws in the store had been replaced with paper straws. Regarding the experience problem, they chose Thicker paper straws to avoid long-term foaming and softening.

Reporters can find in CoCo, except for the third category of plastic straws and paper straws. PLA straws can have both environmental protection and experience, but the price is higher, and many applications will significantly increase operating costs.

Since the implementation of the "plastic ban", many customers have made great suggestions on the experience of paper straws, and ridicules about paper straws have been frequently searched. When I used a plastic straw, a cup of milk tea could be drunk for an afternoon, but now I have to drink it within 30 minutes with a paper straw, otherwise the straw will become loose after a long time.

After field investigation, the reporter found that whether it is a paper straw or a PLA straw, there are problems such as poor experience and high cost. Many businesses are actively using other kinds of biodegradable straws, hoping to protect the environment. , Find a balance between customer experience and cost, and look forward to a choice that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.